Gooree Park’s Pastoral  arm cultivates and produces feed crop and raises cattle and sheep for meat production.

Gooree  has been producing F1 Wagyu & Angus meat cattle for many years and also has a registered Wagyu Stud. The breed has gained worldwide recognition as one of the worlds' most tender and healthier breeds, primarily due to its ratio of mono-unsaturated to saturated fat being higher than any other breed of cattle. Gooree breeds many of its own Wagyu bulls for the purpose of joining to Angus cows for the F1 meat operation.

Gooree also produces full blood wagyu steers to distribute under our Gooree Wagyu brand that is currently sold through both cellar doors.

In addition to Angus and Wagyu, Gooree Park Pastoral has recently added Speckle Park to its breeding operations.  This modern breed originated in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, and produces well-marbled beef with minimal fat cover.

Currently, the pastoral breeding program has been done in-house through several methods of measuring indexes in accordance with the AWA.  Our top grade wagyu cows are put through an AI program to ensure we continue to improve both Wagyu and F1 indexes, with our main sire bloodlines from Sumo and Ginjo.

Pastoral currently runs approximately 1100 breeding Angus , Wagyu and Speckle Park cows.


Although Gooree Park originally produced many sheep in the early 90's, sheep breeding took a back seat to the cattle breeding in the 2010's.  Our sheep breeding program has now restarted with the introduction of Dorper Ewes being joined to SheepMaster Rams. Gooree have found that this combination produces a beautiful tender and flavoursome lamb meat. The SheepMaster are a shedding bred who mature quickly with excellent fertility rates. Our ewes currently lamb 3 every 2 years .

Hay and grain for livestock are produced on the property, with horse and cattle feed cultivated in the middle of our very own racetrack and surrounding paddocks; while land around our vineyards close to Gulgong are also used for sheep and cattle production.

Pivot irrigation is used to produce perennial and tropical pasture for year-round grazing.