Breeding & Sales Preparation

Gooree’s Stud Complex offers agistment for broodmares (short and long term), weanlings, yearlings, and spellers. We also provide walk-in, foaling down with 24/7 around the clock care, weanling services and sales preparation at very competitive rates.

Utilising large weanling and yearling paddocks (averaging 45 to 50 acres) to grow out great boned, sound horses along with irrigated mare and foal paddocks. Lush, flat foaling yards and paddocks allowing your mares to foal down safely and under the careful watch of our 24hr foaling staff during the breeding season.

Once foals are stable, they are put in the "nursery", where they are able to find their footing in a larger space before being in a paddock with other mares and foals.

When weaned, the weanling joins its batch mates in lightly undulating hills until they are yearlings. In this period, the weanlings are handled, trimmed, and taught important lessons on proper stable etiquette and behaviour. The mares are joined by other like-mares (in foal/dry) and they continue their cycles as broodmares.

Our aim is to provide your horse every chance of success by ensuring they receive the best possible care and attention from our highly experienced, horse-loving staff in tranquil surroundings.

Spellers have small yards with stables, larger yards and paddocks.

Racehorses are given the very best foundation at Gooree Park. From their early life all the way through on our very own home track the racehorse:

  • Develops its mind for racing without unnecessary pressures
  • Has a paddock and stable to unwind and prepare for its next racing season
  • Is able to unwind from racing without completely losing strength

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